Thursday, June 13, 2013

An In-depth Comparison: PB Blaster vs WD-40 Who Wins?

PB Blaster vs WD-40 Comparison Chart

A lot of people are dying to know how WD-40 compares to PB Blaster. Is PB Blaster vs WD-40 truly a versus or is it basically comparing apples and organges?? Lets see in the chart below...
PB Blaster WD-40
PB Blaster vs WD-40
PB Blaster vs WD-40
Product Type: Penetrant Product Type: Water Displacement and Penetrant
Uses: Loosening up bolts and nuts Uses: Loosening bolts and nuts, prevents corrosion and many household uses
Amount of Usage: Goes extremely fast. Need more than one can for usage. Amount of Usage: One can of WD-40 goes a long way.
Preferred by many automotive techs. Preferred by auto techs and everyday people.
Average price range: $4 and up Average Price range: $4 and up.
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The Verdict....

All in all when it comes to PB Blaster vs WD-40 both products are great products. As far as uses both products are extremely versatile and have a good variety of uses.

Keep in mind that even though both products are strikingly similar in functions they were both manufactured with different intentions and designed to perform different tasks. So comparing WD-40 to the PB Blaster is most certainly comparing apples and oranges.

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  1. have you guys tried a product called buster marine? i use it, its a lil pricy but you get what you pay for.